Album review: Baxter Dury - Happy Soup

Dour Dury takes a punt as poet for the people, and comes out on top with a selection of witty, retro-infused tunes.

The son of Ian ‘Blockhead’ Dury, Londoner Baxter blazed his own morose trail with two albums in the Noughties.

But a more musically and lyrically convivial atmosphere pervades Happy Soup.

Dury skewers his subjects with playfully observant lyrics and dry wit delivered with his characterful cockney-infused indifference - Leak At The Disco paints a vivid picture of him wading through an ‘oil spillage’ of egos in a Chiswick nightclub, backed by the soothing, honeyed vocals of Madelaine Hart over a pleasingly plinky synth recalling early Grandaddy.

Afternoon, meanwhile, could be a downbeat offcut from Simple Kid, and the title track reveals a welcome splash of pychedelia.

But it’s Dury’s lyrics and dour, laissez faire delivery which project this third solo record towards the realm of greatness.

4 stars

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