Album review: Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding

Liam Gallagher and his indie drones come up with a new moniker, decide not to mess with rest of the recipe and spew out their debut. World keeps turning.

An eighth Oasis album but for the absence of Noel, Beady Eye’s debut is deflatingly poor.

There are so many dismally lacking songs here - the fist-clenchingly pedestrian Wind Up Dream, the hopelessly second-rate Beatles And Stones - it’s easy to overlook the miniscule glimmers of fun; opener Four Letter Word boasting familiarly brusque guitars and Liam playing up to his characteristic knuckle-dragging machismo.

Those who think Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants signified Oasis’ creative peak might find further satisfaction amid this 13-strong offering, but to anyone of sound mind it should be made abundantly clear that this is a disappointing, derivative record.

Perhaps the most telling indictment against it is that nobody would pay it the slightest attention if Liam wasn’t involved.

1 star