Album review: Cashier No.9 - To The Death Of Fun

World’s dullest band name disguises a debut record of lush psychedlia and harmonies, with a nod to shoegazer indie, that makes a tempting proposition.

This Belfast quartet’s debut is suspended in a kind of miasmic netherworld where Manchester’s baggy scene shuffles in thrall to lush late-’60s psychedlia and West Coast harmonies.

Cashier No.9’s identity shines through the Wall Of Sound; Good Human’s skywards synth strobes, copious tambourine and handbells compliment layered vocals for a lush, laid-back atmosphere, kicking up a gear for the widescreen wonder of Flick Of The Wrist.

A Promise Wearing Thin shimmers with stoned optimism and Oh Pity’s musical momentum and adventurous spirit makes it a highlight, before The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out rolls towards the horizon with a curiously enticing mix of The Stone Roses’ groove and Lemon Jelly’s sunny aesthetic.

A relaxing, lush and diverting listen deserving of a spot on your holiday playlist.

3 stars

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