Album review: Duffy - Endlessly

The wobbly-voiced warbler makes a beeline for supermarket chart success. But is it worth sticking in your basket?

The perfectly-preened popstrel’s return is predictably slick, with opener My Boy recycling Motown’s sweet appeal.

A closer listen reveals she wants to keep this lad indoors lest people see him, while declaiming “age is just a number”. Hmmm; at least a sparing arrangement, Abba-esque dancing violin and synth touches in the chorus keep it interesting.

Lashings of strings on these vulnerable or loved-up ballads and strident soul numbers give that retro feel; the dignified sadness of Too Hurt To Dance impresses, while bolshy single Well Well Well has a Ronson-esque brass polish and taut, insistent beat.

But it all feels too ‘safe’. The Chipmunks may see her as some kinda sassy aunt, but fluffy Duffy needs some bravery, some edginess to impress anyone other than Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

3 stars