Album review: Dusted - Total Dust

Hazy grunge guitars and fuzzed vocals impress in this accessible new project.

Brian Borcherdt’s new project, away from feted Canadian ambient electro-smiths Holy F*ck, sees him join forces with producer Leon Taheny.

As Dusted, the pair enter the world of lo-fi grunge guitars and fuzzed-up vocals, weaved into complex soundscapes. Wistful, dreamy lyrics and a sense of longing coalesce in the opener All Comes Down, the haunting lone guitar/vocal interplay of Bruises and beautifully sad Pale Light.

There is joy to be found in the odd corner, and (Into The) Atmosphere’s chorus, but the title track’s almost lupine chorus and skulking guitar is the distillation of Dusted’s soul.

Recorded at leisure in Taheny’s garage/studio, there’s an organic feel to the record’s 11 songs, and a breadth of scope and emotional depth that should bear repeated listens.

Long It Lasts is an accessible pop-rock chug, and even when the guys cut right back on the haze for Cut Them Free, it only serves to reveal the depth of their well of creative talent.

Dusted are definitely not ones to blow off.

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4 stars