Album review: Feist - Metals

Feist’s latest should jump to the top of any self-respecting music fan’s shopping list. Metals is cool, artfully musical and seducingly easy on the ear.

Four years after her Grammy-nominated album The Reminder, Leslie Feist returns with arguably an even better album.

Metals charms you into submission in unconventional fashion, as there’s no pop nuggets like 1,2,3,4 to send crashing into the charts.

Instead it’s good old-fashioned songwriting, coupling engaging melodies with off-kilter arrangements, which wins out.

Instruments, from rumbling brass to glockenspiel tinkles, are applied sparingly and with precision, and there’s an endearingly unlacquered feel to her music.

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The Circle Married The Line meanders through beautiful swells and sparse valleys of sound, lead single How Come You Never Go There is a bluesy, loping earworm, and The Bad In Each Other is the saddest lament on a doomed relationship you’ll hear this year. An understated, surprisingly unique little gem.

4 stars

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