Album review: Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down

Surely the songwriting eloquence and multifarious musical talents behind this ‘supergroup’ can’t possibly mess it up... Can they?

A trio unlike, well, any other, FOM boasts Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and George Harrison’s son Dhani as its members, so expectations are already heightened, tempered only by concern that perhaps too many cooks may spoil the music broth.

Their debut starts well; opening gambit In Vain Or True, a looping unanswered question from one lover to another, is swathed in warm acoustic guitar and a river of cello and violin.

The country-blues swagger and handclaps of Father’s Son is endearingly ramshackle as they kick out the jams around a campfire, while the languorous three-part harmonies and steel guitar of Restore Me are almost an aural balm.

This album is, simply, a great listen with hidden complexities, and makes a wonderful case for musical collaboration.

4 stars