Album review: Foster The People - Torches

Textured, technical and all the better for it, this accomplished electro debut aims for the charts while gripping tightly onto its ingenuity and melodic nous.

After a surge of interest ahead of their debut, LA trio Foster The People have managed the rare feat of turning out an album that stands up to the hype.

Don’t take second single Pumped Up Kicks’ nonchalant whistling and slouched ditty to be their calling card though – there’s a wealth of intricately arranged, textured electro-pop that’s way better.

High vocals hover around Empire Of The Sun territory, but there’s more going on under the bonnet than with Luke Steele’s latest project.

For starters, guitar-led Don’t Stop (Colour On The Walls) is a rock song sneaking past the disco doormen under cover of rainbow-dyed hair and sequins, Waste boasts strident, cool synth beats that climax in piano and glockenspiel chimes, all wrapped around a nifty melody, and the infectious chorus and joyous vibe of I Would Do Anything For You is perfect pop fodder.

Not to mention the turbocharged blast of Miss You. The vast majority of Torches reveals flair, thought and a feel for the best that synth-pop can offer.

4 stars

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