Album review: Frankie Rose - Interstellar

Former Dum Dum Girl Rose tries on a dream-pop look for her second solo outing, and while it fits her voice, it struggles stand out in an ‘80s-indebted crowd.

Sold as a brave foray into unknown waters from Rose’s former dalliances with the sweet/sour likes of Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, her second solo record really just reins in the guitar, offering multi-tracked harmonies, strident synths and airy atmosphere; a dream-pop palette producing mixed results.

Propulsive rhythm, judicious echoes and caustic guitar and syth stabs push Night Swim into the light, while the shimmering Pair Of Wings is admirably stately.

The Fall’s cello and sparing, noodly guitar offset layers of gossamer-thin vocals to pleasingly ethereal effect, too.

But much of the rest flounders in an uninspiring milk, meaning that overall it’s less ‘Interstellar’, more ‘Soundtrack to a self-consciously hip balloon ride over Shoreditch’.

3 stars