Album review: George Michael - Faith [Remastered Special Edition]

The British icon’s record-breaking debut album gets a polish before a few extras are sprinkled on - but are they worth it?

Given that it’s sold over 25million copies worldwide, it’s surprising Sony hasn’t rushed this remaster out before now.

Revisiting his original album 24 years on confirms Faith, Father Figure and One More Try as outstanding, timeless pieces of work, closely followed by the jazz-piano ballad Kissing A Fool.

Monkey hasn’t fared too badly either, but I Want Your Sex sounds horribly dated - rescued by its declamatory lyrics, which perhaps surprisingly retain their potency in today’s numbed society.

The extras include a diverting DVD including a 1987 Jonathon Ross interview, and a nine-track bonus CD with pointless instrumental versions and dated remixes.

Head for groovesome guilty pleasure Fantasy, b-side to Freedom! 90, and the live cut of I Believe When I Fall In Love instead.

4 stars