Album review: Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam

An exciting record from a spookily talented new star - dare to explore this record and you won’t be sorry.

Hailing from London via Coventry, Nigeria and Dominica, Ghostpoet’s debut record could herald the birth of a huge talent.

As beautifully complex as it is subtle and with a sometime ramshackle veneer, the 27-year-old MC’s oeuvre reveals a thrilling musical assertiveness.

It’s easy to warm to his laid-back, characterful delivery and lyrical conceits, complimented by captivatingly dark, brooding and intimate production, such as on the sinister, quasi-industrial poise of Us Against Whatever Ever.

Elsewhere flashes of influences from far and wide are coralled into a compelling mix of trip-hop, dub and hip-hop.

An album just as comfortable soundtracking late-night, post-club comedowns as weekend prowls in the urban wilderness - on this evidence he joins James Blake at the vanguard of Britain’s young, urban male hopes.

4 stars