Album review: Gorillaz - The Singles Collection 2001-2011

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s modish animated sonic adventurers wrap it all up with the most outdated of concepts - the singles collection.

The very idea of a singles collection seems nothing if not a retrograde step for a forward-looking, quasi-animated group whose genesis hoped to usher a revolutionary, multi-media landscape into the post-Millennial music scene.

But overlooking everyone’s stubborn refusal to follow suit, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz still racked up worldwide sales in the millions - for good reason.

This collection is no admission of defeat, either. Even the early singles 19-2000 and the loping, slouched-yet-sharp Clint Eastwood sound modish yet timeless.

The urban-pop soul of On Melancholy Hill and Dirty Harry have longevity far beyond the Gorillaz schtick, too.

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But as big fans will already own the lot, and casual fans will have their favourites cherry-picked, it’s unclear quite who’s left to buy this.

3 stars

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