Album review: Grinderman - Grinderman 2

Brace yourself for this hormonal, savage and psychedelic garage blast and enjoy one of our Best Of 2010 albums from Nick Cave et al.

The second album from Nick Cave’s side project Grinderman further cements the band as a gripping entity in its own right, no matter who’s plucking the strings.

As the cover attests, a bestial undercurrent flows within, embracing the fragile mid-life male’s ego and jabbing it’s vicious paranoia in your eyes.

Cave howls like a wolf on gutsy opener Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man, guitars growl, cymbals spit and primal instincts overflow.

But the frantic, hormonal blasts of Cave’s debut have been transmuted by way of a dose of heavy psychedelia.

The malevolence persists of course, vivid lyrics bringing devil children, monsters and hellish visions into razor-sharp focus.

But melodies and quieter contemplations emerge amid the psych-blues to compelling effect.