Album review: Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting

Taut, warm urban soundscapes envelop some quality, tender songwriting from this new UK hope who spins 20 years of modern dance trends into his own evocative vision.

Jamie’s airy, downtempo but taut single Night Air has infiltrated the airwaves in recent months, all shady atmospheric beats and low-key but evocative singing.

It stands out - and reflects well on a debut deserving to catapult him towards pop’s pantheon.

His smooth delivery, occasional falsetto or treated vocal recalls Justin Timberlake; Lady Luck wouldn’t sound too out of place on a JT record either, and he expertly melds elements from disparate genres to create sometimes breathtaking moments.

A calm, urban emptiness swirls through Mirrorwriting, but its heart is never cold as it beats with nods to dubstep, breakbeat and UK garage.

Jamie injects soul with a lyrical focus and keeps his earnest but warm vocals to the fore. A beguilingly modern record with an old-fashioned heart.

4 stars