Album review: Jonathan Wilson - Gentle Spirit

It’s tempting to get submerged into Wilson’s beatific world of languid folk-rock - but be sure to set aside an entire afternoon to get the most out of it.

This debut solo album from the North Californian singer, songwriter and producer is a perfect fit for its late-summer release.

Wilson conjures languid, sunset soundscapes; the title track lulling you into his world as guitar twangs ripple across placid strings and tissue-delicate vocals.

Effects-laden and deeply in thrall to bucolic ‘70s west-coast folk-rock, these 13 sprawling tracks (eight stretching beyond the six-minute mark) are indulgent, luxurious and beautiful - the tumbling, honeyed guitar motif of Desert Raven is a defining moment.

‘Can we really party today, with all that’s going on?’ he asks almost guiltily on the track of the same name as organ, handclaps and bass sway in gentle reverie.

Everything else can wait in Wilson’s world – and it’s worth joining him there.

4 stars