Album review: Laki Mera - The Proximity Effect

Haunting, complex and rewarding, this electro-drenched record stands out from the crowd and is well worth checking out.

This Glaswegian quartet, whose name means ‘the chimera’, have imbued their debut record with just the kind of miasmic, shimmering mystery their moniker suggests.

With comparisons to the Cocteau Twins, Portishead and Radiohead flying around, hopes were high.

And the combination of Laura Donnelly’s hauntingly innocent voice, classically-trained musicians and Italian-born producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Gobbi is a hypnotic one.

Donnelly’s delicate, gossamer vocals preside over complex but delicate and textured melodies, the music flowing from sweeping electronic synths, hazy strings and drum beats to glitchy, dark beats Massive Attack would be proud of.

There are hints of chart-friendly refrains, but they are subsumed within carefully orchestrated set pieces welding folky vocals with electronica and world music elements, as on the compelling Onion Machine. An enticing, enthralling record.

4 stars