Album review: Late Night Tales - MGMT

The psych-pop-dance outfit du jour offer a peek inside their minds with choice cuts from the bands that inspired them for the successful Late Night Tales series.

Now in its 10th year, the sterling Late Night Tales series turns to the heroes of frazzled psych-guitar-pop, MGMT, for an after-the-after-party playlist.

On the face of it some unlikely bedfellows are roped together, but careful selection reaps rewards; the segue from The Great Society’s fuzzy, pastoral folk to the umbilical pump of Suicide’s Cheree is seamless.

MGMT’s exclusive cover of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus softens the original’s harsher edges and injects colour, followed by the exquisite paranoia of Cheval Sombre’s Troubled Mind and ‘60s Christian folk singer Dave Bixby’s ruinous tale, Drug Song. Charlie Feathers’ liquid, languid Mound Of Clay is another welcome discovery, sitting alongside cuts from Julian Cope and Durutti Column.

An overall soberingly impressive set of languid soul-searching and narcotised self-pitying.

4 stars