Album review: Let The Children Techno

A thrilling and cleverly-compiled new record from Ed Banger Records, full of new techno brews borrowing from all the genres you can think of - and more.

Busy P and DJ Mehdi, both current electro heavyweights, are behind this eye-opening 20-track mixtape of unreleased tunes.

Its ‘energetic electro’ tag is a bit wide of the mark - this is no hardcore sweatfest.

In fact it’s every lazy bod’s answer to the cool house party conundrum, and just as perfect for the gym or a run around the block. There’s even a creepy, scratchy silent horror movie soundtrack from Sebastian to widen its musical horizons.

Particular highlights from the cornucopia include Duke Dumont’s slice of funk-laced electro Hypgnosis, Breakbot’s spicy electro-funk Shades Of Black and Djedjotronic’s sharp synth workout The Invisible Landscape, but this runs the gamut of electro-cool.

The sound of two musical mavericks frolicking through fields of dubstep, electro-funk, psychedelic house, techno and hip-hop to make a compelling daisy-chain of delight for your listening pleasure.

4 stars