Album review: Like A Stuntman - YOY

Fans of ambitiously-composed, artsy indie should try Like A Stuntman’s latest to tide themselves over until Animal Collective’s next opus. Intrigued? You should be.

Leftfield, folksy electro-indie has been well-served in recent years, with US band Animal Collective doing an admirable job as one of its feted figureheads.

And it’s in their footsteps that these four gentlemen proudly follow. It might sound like an avalanche in a music store to start with, but tune your ears in and before you know it those experimental collisions manifest in forests of dischordant melodies and surging emotions, vocals leaping through the canopy like an excitable monkey.

Signature snappy percussion rattles through the likes of Yesterday Euphoria and underpins Ooze Yeah Ooze, and Hell No’s handclaps and synth splodges amuse.

Dog Show Digest glows with calmly pulsating electro and A Decade Or Less is drenched in iridescent electro-drizzle. A tightly-woven wonder.

4 stars