Album review: Liz Green - O, Devotion!

The quirky, folk-based songsmithery in this debut record makes for an interesting, if not quite perfectly formed, proposition.

This debut record from the 28-year-old Green is not what you might expect given first appearances - a bluesy-folk songstress refusing to fit into the same pigeonhole as poetic Laura Marling or even Kathryn Williams’ feathery nest.

The first thing that strikes is her crotchety, slightly nasal tone, which might prove difficult for some to love, but lends weight to her promisingly acerbic and witty way with words.

Sung over plucked acoustic guitar, bolstered by lightly shimmering cymbal, trombone, sax, piano or double bass, Green shines on the lightly-smoked Midnight Blues, the sprightly and upfront Bad Medicine, and single Displacement Song. It can be a tad reserved at times, but this is certainly worth a listen.

3 stars

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