Album review: Maria Taylor - Overlook

Ensconced in the warm embrace of folksy Americana beloved of major network TV dramas, Overlook ticks the box for a safe early Christmas present.

Snatches of Taylor’s tunes have been quietly lining your earlobes during the likes of Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Bones, One Tree Hill and Greek the last few years; a sure sign her agreeably soft, plaintive vocals and natural melodies will appeal to many.

And opener Masterplan trots right outta the stables in search of an emotionally-charged montage sequence, Taylor’s chorus full of questions and nods towards Polly Scattergood’s more turbulent confessional I Hate The Way.

Vocally Taylor recalls Suzanne Vega, and while she nails quaintly emotive folky Americana, much of it good rather than exceptional, Overlook does offer some interest, from Matador’s refreshing addition of marimba and twisted electric guitar, to the lusty In A Bad Way’s guitar solo.

Smoothly accessible, accomplished, and (just about) twee-free.

3 stars