Album review: Metronomy - The English Riviera

Relaxing the pace and easing off the dancefloor delights, Metronomy’s latest proffers a more endearing aural experience... via the rose-tinted delights of the Devon coast.

A world away from their previous output, Metronomy’s latest takes main man Joseph Mount’s home town of Totnes, south Devon, as inspiration for a sleek collection of mostly gentle, synth-flecked pop.

Lead single The Look points the way with prominent, soft-edged guitar and an old-fashioned organ riff evoking long lost British seaside resorts, before synth strobes give the latter half a modern twist.

He doesn’t always get it right - She Wants reeks of woozy, 80s synth pop and posturing, and the rudderless Trouble floats in its own electro backwaters - but the funky disco beats of seaside love letter The Bay shimmer warmly.

Mount’s dance pop roots are still evident in the bleep-splattered Loving Arm, but there’s nothing too hard-edged to disrupt your sunbathing.

3 stars