Album review: Mull Historical Society - City Awakenings

Back in the saddle after an extended break, the underground indie hero behind MHS strides confidently back into town with some more unassuming gems.

Colin MacIntyre dusts off his old moniker for the first time in eight years for this ode to the urban metropolis – New York, London and Glasgow have all been wombs for his fertile ideas. The results are largely bright, disarming shots of indie-pop with universal charms.

Songs like opener Must You Make Eyes At Me Now may feel effortless and slightly twee, but are well-crafted and poignantly observed enough to avoid the implied naffness.

Optimism and wonder flood through MacIntyre’s cortex into his songs; from the lush For Bas, The Hague to the breezy brass of Must You Get Low, this is a man reinvigorated.

Their counterpoints, the pensive Fold Out City and lilting Thames Link (London’s Burning) are equally beautiful. A quietly great record.

4 stars