Album review: Pete Yorn

The feted Noughties rock singer-songwriter bashes out this eponymous record in five days... and it shows.

This all-black album follows on the heels of Break Up, Yorn’s critically acclaimed set with Scarlett Johansson, and the largely acoustic Back & Fourth, both birthed in 2009.

It was actually recorded partway through sessions for Break Up, done and dusted in five days with the Pixies’ Frank Black at the controls.

It’s an intense affair in parts, guitars hammered away in a disappointingly uninspired, meat-and-two-veg style.

First track Precious Stone signposts the way, its heads-down electric rock coming across like a crossbreed of REM guitars and Neil Young-style opining, albeit a good octave lower and sans much of his passion.

Let the 11 songs burrow into your head and the odd helf-decent tune surfaces, but this is the sound of Yorn off the boil.

3 stars