Album review: Piney Gir - Geronimo!

As the cover suggests, this is bright and bubbly pop - here informed by surf and country and western idioms. But can the premise rise above some risible lyrical cliches?

London-based Kansas native Angela Penhaligon is the cutesy-voiced, homely maiden behind Piney Gir, who on Geronimo! spouts a fine line in softly embellished country and western pop.

Like so much of this 13-song set, The Longest Day Of Spring, with its langurous surf-pop guitar notes, shifting tempo and tambourine shakes is desperately retro but sweetly done.

It’s easy to be seduced by its big, round eyes - but longevity is curtailed with cliched lyrics all over the shop, particularly the cloying Would You Be There.

Stay Sweet sounds like a lobotomised Rilo Kiley, all pithy one-liners removed leaving the promising melodic drive with nothing to grip on to.

If it’s a poppy re-run of yippy-yo thigh-slapping you’re after, this will fit the bill just fine.

2 stars