Album review: Pyrolator - Neuland

Taking a break from producing and running a record label, Kurt Dahlke gets round to his first record in 24 years - brooding, organic and polished.

Longstanding member of the German electronica scene, Kurt Dahlke is no slouch in the music stakes.

Even though this is his first record in 24 years, he’s been a busy guy.

Using controllers which shape the music through hand movements or pressure, along with an array of loops, knobs and rhythms, Neuland is a considered piece of instrumental work.

Not too lean or barren, nor embelished with frivolous layers and effects, tracks like Am Ulfer feel organic and unnervingly human.

Hamtramck is a highlight as it snaps, thrums and crackles over a deep beat, while abrasive and almost liquid signatures fight for attention on Another Drippy Day.

If you’re setting up your lounge as an uber-cool, urban cocktail bar/club this winter, you’ve just found the soundtrack.

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3 stars