Album review: Rebekka Karijord - The Noble Art Of Letting Go

Startling lyrical candour and poised, evocative music and vocals - this Scandinavian songbird releases 2011’s first must-hear record.

Grammy-nominated Karijord’s third album marks another milestone for this Stokholm artist.

The darker experiences of love and life can offer the most fruitful material, and here Karijord is not afraid to delve deep, singing with a moving candour in a dainty voice that hides a surprising strength.

Wear It Like A Crown is the brilliant, sparingly ethereal opener about tackling your deepest fears, for example.

And perhaps it’s her experience as a composer for film, theatre and dance that consolidates Dead On My Feet’s ominous weight, matching poetically raw lyrics for arguably the finest heartbreak song you’ll hear this year.

The kinetic clash of piano, violin and drums give Parking Lot’s elopers the requisite adrenalin rush and momentum, too. Disarmingly lucid, simple and stunning.

4 stars