Album review: Red Hot Chili Peppers - I’m With You

The first release from the funk-rock behemoths in five years finds them in frustratingly familiar territory, with the odd glimmer of hope.

Hopes were high the Peppers’ tenth album would improve on the bloated, average Stadium Arcadium.

And a handful of the 14 tunes have memorable moments or compelling surges. But what’s missing amid the bass-heavy funk rock is a heart.

The strutting bass of lead single The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie sniffs around for one in vain, left to tread water in platitudinous pop.

Slinky bass and brittle guitar briefly threaten to take Factory Of Faith all disco then chicken out, and despite slow-building guitar and drum bluster, Brendan’s Death Song is disappointingly passionless in its doleful slog past the five-minute mark.

Prestigious producer Rick Rubin keeps things taut, clean and snappy, but no amount of laquer can mask I’m With You’s paucity of killer tunes.


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2 stars