Album review: Sarabeth Tucek - Get Well Soon

An evocative set taking in earthy rock, modern Americana and delicate atmospherics marks Sarabeth’s second album out from the crowd.

The return of this beguiling songwriter to the music scene is noteworthy not least because her 2007 debut won endorsements by Bob Dylan and Laura Marling - Tucek being invited to produce Marling’s I Speak Because I Can.

But this set, 12 songs threaded together by a loose narrative around the death of her father, treads an evocative line avoiding raw sonic grief as much as triumph.

With notes of Throwing Muses’ grit, a more direct Cat Power and perhaps Feist, Tucek translates a sea of emotional tumult and eerie calm into compelling, poetic and beautiful songs.

The Doctor’s chiming duet of piano and acoustic guitar has a hypnotic sway, Exit Ghost exudes an earthy warmth and State I Am In is a refreshing rock confessional.

An emotional rescue for dark times.

4 stars