Album review: Scouting For Girls - The Light Between Us

Mondeo men and tweens rejoice - your favourite harmless, mindless indie-pop trio are back! And still singing about girls!

Like a cold sore epidemic, Scouting’s mix of earnestly-delivered, trite lyrics, simplistic melodies and anthemic, widescreen orchestral surges have taken the nation’s tweens by storm.

These guys have got two million record sales, four Brit Award nominations and an Ivor Novello nomination under their belts for some deeply underwhelming output.

And alas, despite initially trying to write a concept album, Scouting’s singer Roy Stride admitted it didn’t work and so ditched it in favour of creating ‘an album of singles’ instead.

Well, if it ain’t broke. Not wanting to disappoint, these 11 tracks sound exactly like you expect them to, first single Summertime In The City (‘Shorts on, shades on, going to the pub’ where ‘girls dress hot, guys go silly’) setting the agenda.

In fact, get three monkeys to shift around the basic building blocks of any previous Scouting single and they’ll create Snakes And Ladders before elevenses.

2 stars