Album review: Spector - Enjoy It While It Lasts

The New Romantics and cheesy, widescreen guitar-pop are touchstones for this steadfastedly average affair.

While it’s easy to pinpoint Spector frontman Fred Macpherson’s influences, it’s not so clear whether or not he’s giving a knowing wink while firing out clever couplets nailed to simple, slinky pop melodies.

In thrall to ‘80s electronic titans like Ultravox and the early Noughties indie-pop of the Killers et al, Spector offer a mix of synth melodies and floaty but compulsive guitar anthems.

There are big, brash choruses, wailing vocals and swooning violins one minute (Lay Low), and borderline cheesy, guitar-pop thrusters the next (Chevy Thunder).

Opener True Love (For Now) could be The Killers relocated from Noo Yawk to Dalston, while the synth-soaked, sombre and touching Grey Shirt & Tie reeks of New Romantic-era synth-pop.

There’s enough self-deprecation in the lyrics to save this five-piece from embarassment, but enough poeticism to earn it repeat listens.

The anthemic No Adventure’s synth-stabbed zenith seals the deal on this retro-fun package.

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3 stars

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