Album review: Tegan And Sara - Get Along

Canadian singers try to crack the UK with this live CD/DVD set of medium-intensity, stripped-down indie songwriting. Is it strong enough to make waves?

Still pretty much unknown this side of the Atlantic, these Canadian singer-songwriter twins have seen success and plaudits over the last decade.

Their stripped-down, elemental-but-poppy songwriting and simple accompaniments to impassioned vocals has won them tour supports with Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Ben Folds, and performances on Jay Leno and David Letterman’s shows in the US.

This intimate live album is best viewed as a career best-of, taking in earnest emoting from 1999’s Under Feet Like Ours right through to 2009’s Sainthood.

Packaged with a concert DVD and two documentaries where their endearing rapport and banter is mildly diverting, Get Along makes for a pretty, albeit hardly essential, window into the world of one of Canada’s better indie outfits.

3 stars