Album review: The Arteries - Dead Sea

South Wales punk-rockers play hard, fast and fierce - but can they do more than just burst a few blood vessels?

Self-releasing their second record and playing over 50 shows since September, The Arteries have plenty of music industry grit under their collective fingernails.

Doing things the hard way at least chimes with their music - an uncompromising assault of power chords and dextrous guitar riffs, thunderous drums and a spleen-rupturing approach to singing.

With a ferocity similar to fellow countrymen LostProphets, these Swansea lads hammer through songs like Turn Of The Tide so quick there’s barely time to breathe.

Originality isn’t at the top of the list, but there is enough energy to reanimate a herd of elephants and a shedload of screams, shredded guitars and vocals are sprinkled like confetti at a zombie wedding.

Dead Sea is a bold, confident record that locks American hard rock and British punk together in an entertaining, sweaty Boston crab.

2 stars