Album review: The Chapman Family - Burn Your Town

Raw, punk-ish energy muddled with stadium-style indie rock dynamics gives the Burn Your Town cocktail a lasting impression. Worth a taste for sure.

Newcastle newcomers The Chapman Family are an interesting proposition. Not wanting to lose their hard-edged punk, they also pursue widescreen atmospheric rock - no mean feat.

Varied tempos and textures among the flush of tunes achieve a surprising depth - from the punk-ish, pumping All Fall at one end to fuller, more considered anthems-in-waiting.

Frontman Kinglsey’s got character in his voice as well as putting in the odd good scream, but the band have nailed some compelling, chart-friendly melodies in the likes of Anxiety too.

Balancing adrenalin and building momentum isn’t easy and a little more vitriol wouldn’t go amiss, but this is a band that takes its time to deliver the big atmospherics and rousing indie - and succeeds more often than not.

3 stars