Album review: The Dunwell Brothers Band - The Dunwell Brothers Band

Fresh off the indie boat, will the brothers’ debut mini-album make waves with the masses?

This quintet, led by Yorkshire brothers Joseph and David Dunwell, have already supported Mumford & Sons in front of 10,000 people.

And this debut mini album points to why; seven tracks swinging between heartfelt modern English folk and a more Springsteen-flavoured rock aesthetic.

They rarely put a foot wrong and the singer’s dusty voice hangs in a surprisingly comfortable netherworld between Bryan Adams and Springsteen himself.

The quintet eschew the passion and galloping pace of Mumford’s compelling folk, and early ballad Dance With Me is overly schmaltzy.

But elsewhere as on the tender Saving Grace, there’s a genuine emotional pull, and debut single Elizabeth is an apposite sign to the band’s tuneful, middle-of-the-road appeal.

This set reveals a promising, unassuming warmth and charm.

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3 stars