Album review: The Kabeedies - Soap

These Norwich newbies are trying hard to get us in a lather over their tuneful, youthful indie twists. And it might just work...

Another day, another fresh-faced and slightly excitable new indie band release their debut in their first flushes of youth.

Overlooking the terrible name, the meat of The Kabeedies’ music, thankfully, is a natural talent for songwriting.

Singer Katie’s enticing twang and power is reminiscent of long-forgotten guitar-poppers Bellatrix, and these Norwich newbies certainly know their way around a decent song structure - opener Hang-Ups Of The West featuring cameos from a trumpet and call-and-response vocals.

The dynamics, musicianship and vim recall The Zutons or early Coral, while the songs build on catchy, simple melodies that will stick in your head.

Don’t be surprised to see this life-affirming act packing out some of the smaller tents at this summer’s festivals - be sure to elbow your way in.

3 stars