Album review: The Prodigy - World’s On Fire

Rave royalty celebrate two decades at the dance music helm with a brilliantly visceral gig to 65,000 fans. This CD/DVD set isn’t their definitive statement, but it’s not far off.

The Essex boys’ biggest show at Milton Keynes Bowl is the band’s first live release after nearly 20 years.

The 17-track gig is a compulsive watch – the CD losing some of the live show’s punch.

Frontman Keith Flint heads up a particularly visceral Firestarter, complete with tortured guitar and snarls of ‘cut down the bankers’, while Omen and Take Me To The Hospital’s sledgehammer assaults are brutally dispatched to 65,000 crazed fans.

Honed to a blitzkrieg of bass, blinding lights and thrillingly raw warehouse rave, Keith and Maxim bait the crowd with guttural glee.

2009’s middling Invaders Must Die is overexposed, but Everybody In The Place and Voodoo People at least provide the retro-rave fix, and this succeeds in capturing their essence as a stunningly raw live spectacle.

4 stars