Album review: The Puppini Sisters - Hollywood

Can Marcella Puppini, Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins pull off a fourth album of stylish reworkings of golden classics? You bet...

In true vintage-glam fashion, the Sisters’ peppy title track gallops merrily along in awe of Hollywood’s golden-era wonders, presenting no surprises for anyone familiar with their modus operandi.

For the uninitiated, slickly harmonised ‘40s cabaret springs from this likeable trio like a feather boa-swathed fountain.

The combo of top-shelf musicianship and classically-trained singers is hard to resist as they tweak and play around with the likes of Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, the Gershwins’ I Got Rhythm and I Feel Pretty.

They might not be sisters at all, but there are few others who can leave their pawprints all over the likes of Get Happy (here a feather-pluckin’ hoedown) and Moon River (with musical saw for an ethereal feel) and actually add to their enduring magic.

4 stars