Album review: The Saturdays - On Your Radar

More synth-addled dance-pop from this sanitised quintet, just in time to make it onto little Poppy’s Christmas list. But will it drive you to distraction by Boxing Day?

Despite hopes that the synth-reliant, dead-behind-the-eyes Euro-dance bubble had popped, shrivelled up, been spat out and scraped into a sewer, its prevalence on this planet is yet further assured by The Saturdays’ fourth missive.

Opening gambit All Fired Up doesn’t bode well, the synth drills barely leaving a dent in your memory.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, if you can stop laughing at the Mr Potato Head-style cover long enough to find it.

The taut-as-a-trampoline synths of Notorious are just as fun as they sound, and it’s on the pneumatic numbers that The Saturdays sound most assured - the pumped-up Get Ready, Get Set, and stomping Promise Me.

Half the album is thrill-free filler and dodgy attempts at heartfelt slowies, but the rest is passably poppy at least.

2 stars