Album review: The Subways - Money And Celebrity

Despite the title, neither cash nor fame are likely to come knocking off the back of this indie-rock trio’s underwhelming third album.

‘It’s a party, and don’t you know it don’t get much better’ sings Billy Lunn on the grizzly, meat-and-potatoes guitar stomper It’s A Party, which welcomes you at this album’s front door with all the vigour and verve of an electricity bill.

Three albums in, the Welwyn Garden City three-piece have, sadly, spewed out a tired album made entirely of recycled riffs and half-hearted lyrics.

Attempts to skewer the easy targets of fame and vapid celebrity lack lyrical bile, bite or insight, and the guitar riffs fall heavy-footed and flat.

Shouted choruses scrape the eardrums with insincere rage, and while Down Our Street’s familiar structure offers some melodic respite, it’s difficult to find much of value over thousands of more exciting, vibrant bands around right now.

2 stars