Album review: The Tenebrous Liar - Run Run Run

You can almost smell the alcohol on this record’s breath - brooding and sometimes brilliant rock, with a hint of danger. Out on TV Records.

The cover for the follow up to last year’s Jacknifed & Slaughtered LP suggests speeding headlong into the wilderness, a road trip with no agenda or expectations - but the fuzzy monochrome scene and lingering heavy clouds strip away any optimism for a menacing overtone instead.

The same could be said for this 10-track set of unsettling, brooding rock. Western Skies and Desire form the core of the record and glow with forboding atmospherics, the former mushrooming into a cacophony of guitar and cymbals.

Producing music that might come out of locking the Bad Seeds, an anaesthetised Grinderman and The Gutter Twins up in a truckstop bar 300 miles from anywhere, TTL’s low-slung guitar, ominous vocals and singular vision make for a thrilling aural brew.

4 stars