Album review: Thomas Tantrum - Mad By Moonlight

Megan Thomas’ band aims for dreamy guitar-pop success with this second album. But will they be left howling at the moon?

This Southampton four-piece have based their sophomore effort solely around sleep, or lack of it.

It’s a glut of sweetly neat, comfy and tuneful indie-pop fronted by Megan Thomas, whose light but powerful voice sounds precisely built for that purpose.

New single Hot Hot Summer oozes a fanciful, youthful romance that charms - but I can’t shake the feeling that, like a lovely ice cream on a hot day, it’ll be long forgotten before the leaves start turning brown.

The odd synth offers some variety to the lilting, melody-heavy set, while Sleep’s gutsy guitar line melts into a Gwen Stefani-lite number – only a cute, hand-clapped stomp cracks the overly sugary veneer.

An album of carefree guitar-pop that might just be too disposable for its own good.

3 stars