Album review: Thousands - The Sound Of Everything

Not thousands, as there’s only two of them - but definitely a worthy, intimate and evocative little debut. Fans of Simon & Garfunkel will either love or hate this...

Not put off by setting the bar perhaps a tad high, Seattle duo Thousands have managed to cram the sound of only a few things onto this debut album.

Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman opted for a stripped back, folk style almost exclusively reliant on their voices and beautifully fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

It has a natural, airy intimacy reminiscent of Kings Of Convenience’s Live In A Room EP, but Thousands literally went a few steps further, recording songs in single takes in a variety of outdoor settings.

Thus, backing the pair’s soothing, close harmonies so redolent of Simon and Garfunkel you’ll hear bird calls, the breeze sighing through tree branches - and even the sea on charming opener MTSES III.

A gentle, organic and tender record made with arguably everything you need - love.

4 stars