Album review: Tim Kasher - The Game Of Monogamy

Kasher’s debut finds time for eloquent reflection on modern (self) obsessions.

The Cursive frontman retired to the shadows between Big Mountain and Glacier National Park in Montana for this debut album.

His is a less theatrical reflection on modern humanity’s general self-indulgent frustration with itself than, say, Ben Folds, but he still knows how to bash out a snappy tune – I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here will probably strike a chord with more people than any Lady Gaga megatune.

But the wry humour and general musical optimism Kasher wraps it all up in charms without losing its oft-uncomfortable sincerity.

“Gotta be a grown man” he keeps telling himself in A Grown Man, as if caught in an indie-pop battle of starched-shirt wills against louche, lusty intentions.

A tuneful suburban soliloquy with its heart on its sleeve.

3 stars