Album review: Treefight For Sunlight

Bursting forth with aural vitamins to shake off your winter blues, Bella Union’s latest signing offer a kind of Rainbow-like musical creche for grown-ups. Dive in!

Sick of the rain, the cold, the clouds? Fear not - your sunny saviour has come at last to banish the blues and burst a whole heap of summer into your lugholes.

It’s none other than Danish quartet TFS, whose relentlessly jubilant psychedelia quickly sucks you into its caramelised wonderworld.

Here we have 10 tracks of bubbly leftfield pop harking back to California’s psychedlic heyday that would even raise a smile on Scrooge.

You And The New World ends with synth keys gambolling around handclaps and upbeat vocal harmonies, a formula only bettered on the awe-struck wonderment exuding from every pore of the suitably titled The Universe Is A Woman, or joyous recent single Facing The Sun.

And while you’re checking under the bed for a cheeky rogue Beach Boy or two, they hit you with the hypnotic, drowsy sunset of Time Stetcher to finish.

Variety is a little thin on the ground, and there are heavy echoes of labelmates Fleet Foxes and the Webb Brothers bouncing around, but when it feels this good, who’s complaining?

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4 stars