Album review: Twisted Wheel - Do It Again

Derivative second album from low-division Mancunian rockers just doesn’t make the grade.

Bringing their talent-free tools to plough the bone-dry furrow of classic rock’n’roll – previously farmed by the likes of, well, pretty much everyone – Manchester band Twisted Wheel’s return will be greeted with complete indifference by, well, pretty much everyone.

Having won support slots with Paul Weller and Oasis on the back of their self-titled debut, Do It Again features tunefully petulant, punkish delivery and by-the-numbers guitar tunes.

Problem is, these guys sound too squeaky clean for the grubby blues-rock they pump out on UK Blues, which has had the passion vaccuum-packed out of it.

And they bring virtually nothing to the table. Singer Jonny Brown touts these dozen tunes as “perfect to calm you down after you’ve burnt down your house”, but on this evidence, that’s empty, attention-seeking claptrap.

By the time the needle reaches Bored, the surf-blues, Ramones-y rip-off of a fifth track, I defy anyone not to be.

Passionless, cynical, averagely played, spirit-draining, meat-and-potatoes pub rock.

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1 star