Album review: WU LYF - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

Reticent, stubborn Mancunians shun music labels and the media hype machine - and come out on top with a turbulent, epic album recorded in a church.

Short for World Unite, Lucifer Youth Foundation, Manchester newcomers WU LYF matched their loftily absurd moniker by recording this debut in a church and refusing to sign to any label, preferring to go it alone.

The results are epic, confounding, but undeniably beautiful. Ellery Roberts’ hoary half-shout bristles against mellow church organ and jangling, Vampire Weekend-ish guitar on We Bros, which is recorded with dreamy, distant echoes reminiscent of early Verve.

Deciphering the lyrics is no mean feat, but his shamanics are more percussive backing than philosophical doctrine, adding to the thickly layered, wilful wanderlust of the melodies and signatures, such as Spitting Blood.

You won’t hear them on Capital Radio – but this record is full of compelling ideas and music well worth digging your teeth into.

4 stars