Album review: You Animals - Same Sky, Different Sea EP

Spiky, new-wave indie newcomers come over all fluffy and folksy on a clutch of ‘alternate takes’ that improve on their originals.

You Animals’ EP boasts alternate versions of songs from their imminent debut album, maybe to prove they’re Ones To Watch rather than one-trick ponies, whales, hamsters, or whatever.

Lead track What You Want What You Need (Never Gonna Fall In Love), originally spiky indie-rock, is given a woozy nu-folk makeover with melodica and handclaps, giving doleful lyrics more room to breathe.

The same goes for Halfway To Heartbreak (The Lights Were Flickering), a pleasingly relaxed, scrappy take bedecked with sparkling glockenspiel and vocal harmonies.

What A Shame, Lorraine (Connect The Dots) redirects The Postal Service with its processed beats and harpsichord.

Piano ballad All The Rage (Suffer For Your Art) is weakest, but SSDS remains an encouraging opening salvo – and it’s free via their website!

3 stars