Album review: Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give

Already music behemoths over the water, these country stars might have a harder time flogging their twee, traditional - albeit polished - wares on British soil.

They’ve given us Glee, Burger King and Sandra Bullock, so not everything the Americans love goes down so smoothly over here.

Reaction to the Zac Brown Band on these shores – despite them bagging two Grammys and releasing a double-platinum-selling debut in 2009 in the US – might be less than ‘swell’.

This is fiddle-laced American country-rock that couldn’t be more middle of the road if it had white lines painted across it.

A soul-sapping 15 tracks of truckers’ delights, it is at least well executed and there are no real howlers – although some howling might at least have provided a point of interest.

The eponymous lead singer does slip in the odd juicy lyric to liven things up – drunkenly telling the barkeep ‘lick my sack’ during a Whiskey’s Gone, a rip-snorting, thigh-slapping slice of turbo-country. But YGWYG’s nothing you ain’t heard before.

2 stars