Jailed: ‘Terrifying’ knifeman who attacked police in Liverpool Road gets 15 years

Alex Traykov. Picture: Met Police

Alex Traykov. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

The hoax 999 caller who carried out a “terrifying” kitchen knife attack against police officers in Liverpool Road has been jailed for 15 years.

Alex Traykov, 20, of Brighton Road, Redhill, was found guilty of three counts of GBH with intent and one count of attempted GBH at the Old Bailey on 16 April - he was sentenced at the same court today.

The court heard how Traykov lured police to a "chilling ambush" at his friend's address on October 6, pretending two men were fighting at the property and giving his name as Solomon.

But when four officers arrived Traykov answered the door with his hand behind his back, concealing a large knife. He then launched a "savage" onslaught stabbing at their heads and continuing to attack as cops fell to the ground. He was tasered twice before they could detain him.

Det Cons Ed Sehmer, of the Central North Command Unit, said: "This whole attack lasted only about 30 seconds, but was a traumatic and terrifying ordeal for officers, who were only going about their duty. Events such as this highlight the courageous work that police do every day, sometimes having to confront violent and dangerous criminals, who are determined to do them harm.

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"If my colleagues had not reacted so quickly to protect each other, the result of that night could have been deadly."

Jurors heard how Traykov first attacked Pc Istarlin Said-Ali, 31, bringing the knife down at her head and cutting her hand as she blocked the second blow.

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He then ran at Rafal Kedziore, 34, slashing a 4cm wound to his face and cutting the back of his neck.

The defendant also wounded a third officer, Ben Thompson, 40, by slashing his arms and proceeding to rain blows on him. He was detained after Pc Laura Watkins, 39, tasered him twice.

"I have never been subjected to such a violent and determined attack in the entirety of my 16 years of service," said PC Launa Watkins. "And I hope that no other officer ever has to endure such gratuitous violence.

"Luckily that night myself and my colleagues were determined to never give up and to stay alive and fight, despite us all suffering injuries at the hands of this individual."

During the trial jurors heard how the former Winchester University student called 999 as a "prank" and was so high on cannabis he wasn't thinking.

Pc Ben Thompson added: "This has been the most stressful period in my life, both personally and for my family. I joined this job to protect people and uphold the law.

"My colleagues and I did our duty on that night, and we were subjected to an unprovoked savage attack at the hands of the defendant. We all suffered injury as a result, but fortunately we were able to fight back and ultimately we survived, and our physical injuries have or will heal over time. Who can say how we have been injured mentally and whether we will ever come to terms with what we experienced."

Jurors found him guilty of the lesser charges by a majority of 10 to 2.

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